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Premium Service

Our premium service package is the best possible treatment for your mtb, road or commuter bike. Priced at £120, the service will leave your bike looking and riding like new. Here's what's involved and how we do it.

To start off, we put the bike up in our work stand and begin to strip off the components. Wheels, forks, handlebars, bottom bracket, crank arms and all other gearing components are removed, leaving just the bare frame.

Using Muc-off bicycle cleaning products we begin cleaning the frame, removing all dried on dirt, grease from the dropouts, bottom bracket area and headset cups. The frame is wiped dry and all welds, threads and bolts are inspected for faults and wear. The forks and wheels are also cleaned and dried.

Once the frame and forks are ready and prepared with fresh grease, we re grease the cleaned headset bearings and re install the forks to the frame ensuring all bar and stem bolts are nipped up to the appropriate torque settings.

We remove the cassette, chain and chainrings and leave to soak to ease grease build up. They are then sprayed with a bio degreaser and scrubbed until spotless! The derailleurs are cleaned and the tension springs get degreased. We then fit the cassette to the rear wheel and reattach the derailleurs to the frame.

Before the wheels are refitted to the frame, the are put in our Park Tool truing stand where all buckles and warps are straightened out. The wheels are then re installed, along with the re greased bottom bracket and crank arms.

Once fully reassembled, a full service is carried out on the bike.

To finish up, we'll take a look over the bike and smarten it up where we can. This can include fitting clear frame protection to prevent cable rub on your paintwork, replacing the end tape on your handlebar grip and trimming off / replacing cable ties etc.

Your bike will be ready for collection in the best possible condition that it can be!